Experienced professional nurses, physician advisors, bill review experts, catastrophic claim handlers and Life Care Planners all work together to develop realistic cost projections to assist with medical reserving at the onset of injury and upon medical stability for catastrophic, complex claims.

Medical Cost Projection


  • Provides a probable cost of medical care and services for a specified time period or projected lifetime
  • Focused on medical care
  • May be completed before the injured party reaches medical stability, with updates as case progresses
  • Used as a reserving or settlement tool
  • Expedited turnaround time
Life Care Planner

Life Care Planning


  • Used for catastrophic claims with lifetime medical implications
  • Comprehensive assessment and report, addressing the bio-psycho-social aspects of the injury and projections for lifetime medical costs and care
  • Provides needs identification, home care coordination, cost estimates
  • Identifies the services required in appropriate setting, evaluates medical treatment needs, medications, medical equipment and supply needs
  • Determines housing, transport and recreational costs
  • Negotiates costs for services
  • Used following acute injury care when injured party attains medical stability
  • Support for litigation, mediation and claim settlement